Casino free spins are an exciting phenomenon.

They are pretty much what the name would suggest – Free Spins on a given slot at an online casino.

Now, this may seem a bit counter-intuitive – after all, with the best will in the world and without championing one political or economic system over another, surely the casino’s whole raison d’etre is to make as much money as it can.

Well, this may well be true, but one good way of doing that is to reward its loyal customers – conversely the fastest way for a casino to lose money is to have people leaving in droves for one of its competitors.

We’ll take a brief look, then, at how Free Spins work before turning to how to get ahold of them, as well as a little surprise treat at the end for paying attention – Free Spins no deposit required, so read on!

All you need to know about casino free spins

Free casino spins need not be cloaked in mystery. They are just that, a free ‘go’ in an online slot. Whereas normally you’d have to pay for your spins online, by adjusting the coin setting on the slot to various preset amounts which would then be debited from your account, in this case, the spin costs nothing.

But the real difference is, just as you get to keep your winnings on a spin that matches up to a pay line with a ‘paid’ spin, so too do you with online casino free spins!

In other words, the chances of winning from a Free Spin are just as likely as in normal play AND you get to keep those winnings!

Please note that we are not talking about ‘free play’, this is a little bit different – some online casinos offer you the chance of playing for play money as a way of trying before you buy and for as long as you like, which is great, but naturally any winnings there are just fictional too!

Where to find a good online casino free spins bonus?

There are plenty of casinos out there offering free slot spins – key is to find a good one.

There are a couple of major considerations. First, the Free Spins need to come with no strings attached.

Whereas bonus money will usually come with wagering requirements, with Free Spins, there need be no such thing.

Second, the Free Spins need to be on a decent game which is engaging to play, one which people would play by choice and which has a good Return to Player (RTP) rate (typically 92% or more) as well as no scope for being tampered with o alter the RTP – for instance NetEnt games are the same wherever you play them.

There is one more factor when choosing a free spins casino – the number of Free Spins has to be a decent amount. 10, 20 or 30 is a good start – we’ve seen offers as high as 250 or more! So offers of 2 or 3 aren’t worth bothering with!

Fortunately, to help you sort out the wood from the trees, we are here to offer you the best casinos offering Free Spins today.

If there’s a Free Spins offer at a reputable casino, we’ll carry it, after having done the necessary vetting work on the casino in question.

And there’s one more treat in store…

What are casino free spins no deposit required?

Often when you go after Free Spins and other casino bonuses you have to make a deposit. Maybe this deposit need only be for a small amount, but it is a deposit nonetheless.

But there is also such thing as no deposit free spins!
Again, these are just as they sound, you get the Free Spins without having to deposit any money!
Usually, you would have to open an account, which doesn’t take very long, but that’s about it when getting Free Spins no deposit.

But why do the casinos do this, surely it is financial suicide?!
Again, not at all. As well as being part of keeping customers happy, particularly loyal customers who have stayed with them, so often Free Spins no deposit required will be aimed at that free spins

But not all – it’s also a way to attract new business, of course, and casinos will also offer such promotions at special times of the year like Christmas, Valentines or even Halloween.

The same principle applies to finding a good Free Spins no deposit casino as it does for any casino – you have to be careful, and again, if you stick with our accredited list, you can’t go far wrong.

So be sure to bookmark the site so you can keep ahead of the game in what the best online casinos are doing, including casino Free Spins no deposit required, and get the news on the latest offers.